We can help create a whiter and brighter smile for you!

Erasing the years off your teeth

Whether you have recently quit smoking, indulged in years of coffee, wine or curries, we now have a range of options to help you erase the evidence in a little as one hour. 

At Surry Hills Dental Centre, we use a combination of in-office whitening and take home whitening, depending on your individual needs and lifestyle to get your teeth whitest possible, and stay that way. 

This treatment is both safe and effective with no long term side effects. A temporary side effect is sensitive teeth for a day or two after you whiten your teeth, but this is much less common due to the addition of desensitising minerals in the gel we use.

What to expect?

Regardless of if you choose to whiten your teeth with us in the office, or in the comfort of your own home, the first step is to check and clean your teeth of any debri, in order to ensure maximum effectiveness of your whitening treatment.

For in-office treatment, a lip and gum shield is carefully placed to protect the whitening gel from contacting them. The bleaching gel is then evenly spread over your teeth, and repeated every 20 minute interval. You may not notice the time pass as you catch up on your favorite Netflix show!

For take-home treatment, a digital scan is taken of your teeth so that custom fitted trays can be made for you. A starter pack of whitening gel syringes, complete with step-by-step instructions is given to you to take home. You now have the flexibility and total control over the whitening process!

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