With digital technology, creating a new smile is now easy and predictable

Designing a smile that is uniquely you

Are you afraid to smile or embarrassed about your teeth? Or maybe you just want a better-looking smile. Recapturing the beauty of your smile is easier than you think.

Porcelain veneers are thin custom made facings designed by your dentist and created by a master ceramist. The shape and colour is tailored to suit your facial structure and can be fabricated however you like. At Surry Hills Dental Centre, we use the latest digital technology so we can show you the smile designed for you even before we touch your teeth. We are passionate about keeping your porcelain facings looking as natural as possible while ensuring that you are satisfied with the final result.

What to expect

First and foremost, we listen to what you like and don’t like about your smile. It often helps to bring in photo examples. A comprehensive series of photos and scans are taken to ensure we leave no rock unturned during our assessment.

Utilizing the latest in digital technology, we are able to simulate what your new smile can look like. With a collaborative approach, we show you the proposed design, and you even have the opportunity to do a ‘trial run’ on your own teeth before we pick up any tools.

Once the smile design has been decided, the procedure happens over two appointments. During the first one, we carefully reshape the teeth, and take a 3d scan to communicate with our ceramist our requirements. You go home with a temporary set of veneers to start to get used to your final smile.

During the second appointment, your new veneers are here, and we do a final try, before gluing them in permanently.

With our ‘begin with the end in mind’ approach, you can be assured that creating a new smile is easy and predictable at Surry Hills Dental Centre!

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