Root Canal

Saving teeth we used to have to pull out

Keeping more of your own teeth

Root canal is a treatment carried out if infection has travelled into the nerve of the tooth which can lead to severe pain and sensitivity. This can be commonly caused by decay, defective fillings or trauma. 

You can say that root canal therapy is a technological miracle due to its accuracy in cleaning out microscopic bacteria and sealing the tooth off successfully, allowing us to save many more teeth that were previously doomed to be extracted.

With successful treatment the infection will gradually heal and pain becomes a thing of the past. 

What to expect

Root canal is often done over two or three appointments under local anesthetic to ensure your comfort.

The first part of the treatment involves cleaning the infected and damaged tissue within the tooth canal.

After sufficient time has been allowed for the tooth to settle down, the empty canals are then sealed off with a filling material. 

Finally, the tooth is capped with a crown to prevent any weakened structures from fracturing. 

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