Efficient and lifelike ways to make your teeth whole again

Tooth colored fillings that mimic nature

Gone are the days of silver or mercury fillings. Whether you need it because of decay, chipped, broken tooth or simply from overbrushing, at Surry Hills Dental Centre we use the latest tried and tested tooth colored (white) fillings, which have been shown to have similar strength to your own natural teeth.

With extensive developments in technology, new dental filling materials can be glued directly to the tooth, allowing us to be more conservative and preserve more of your own natural teeth, especially when compared to older silver fillings. We can also use variations of colors so they look as lifelike as possible, often making them undetectable to the naked eye!

What to expect

If we detect decay on your x-rays, or if there is a broken tooth, it is carefully cleaned away, a desensitizer and glue applied, and the cavity is carefully filled and shaped to look like your own natural teeth. 

A beeping blue light sets the filling thoroughly so that once your numbness wears of (if you were numbed), you can then immediately enjoy eating on your new teeth!

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