Facial Injectables

We seek not to change you, but enhance what you have

Be the best you

At Surry Hills Dental Centre, we use facial injectables such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers to complement your cosmetic dentistry. 

We believe in honouring your natural blueprint and seek not to change you, but enhance what you have. A little goes a long way as we amalgamate science and art to let you be the best you.

Dermal fillers are made from naturally occuring sugars and are very hydrophilic (they attract and hold onto a lot of water), which volumizes the area treated and improves the skin condition. They can be used to contour the shape of the face and lips, restore lost volume and enhance facial features when strategically placed.

Anti-wrinkle injections, or wrinkle relaxers, are a muscle relaxant injection strategically placed to soften and prevent wrinkles, and to augment the smile. They are most commonly used in the frown lines, crows’ feet and forehead lines – while closer to the mouth, they can be used to reduce gummy smile, correct asymmetrical smile, wrinkles around the lips, and to relieve jaw aches and pain caused by excessive teeth grinding.

What to expect

Facial injectables are usually the finishing touch, or the cherry on top for your cosmetic dentistry.

Although we typically perform facial injectables nearing the end or after your cosmetic dentistry, the full face consultation and planning happens from day one. 

Facial injectables treatment typically occur over one or two sessions. A series of tiny gauge needles help us strategically place our medicaments, sometimes under local anesthetics, for the desired effect. There is minimal downtime after the procedure. 

While not imperative, we recommend a two week follow up to be able to fine tune our work, as well as a 6 monthly review for any top ups necessary.

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