Surry Hills Dental nervous patient relaxing

Nervous or hate going to the dentist?

Rest assured that you are not alone. It is estimated that a whopping 13-24% of people experience dental phobia. 

At Surry Hills Dental Centre, we are passionate about creating a professional, discreet and protective space that encourages each of our patients to be open about their anxiety and needs.

We take your anxiety and worries very seriously, and offer numerous approaches to help alleviate it. We have countless patients who started off with dental phobia and through working together, now feel comfortable coming to the dentist and confident about their teeth.

4 common reasons for dental anxiety

To help you begin overcoming your fear of the dentist, we have listed common causes and ways to overcome them:

1. I am worried about pain during my treatment

You may have had a bad previous experience, or have heard horror stories from your friends or families about their experiences. Regardless, it is normal and human to want to avoid pain.

Our solution: At Surry Hills Dental Centre, we take the time and effort to make your feel as comfortable as possible. Modern dentistry and medicaments allow us to perform treatment with no pain. We use a combination of numbing gel, anesthetic injections and can also offer sedation options to give you maximum comfort.

2. I have bad teeth and my dentist will judge me 

Your teeth and mouth are a very personal space. It is normal to feel self-conscious, especially when it is your first visit with us, to have a stranger ‘invade’ your personal space. On top of that, you might worry that you have bad breath or ugly looking teeth. 

Our solution: Please remember that we work in people’s mouths every single day, and after over 15 years of practicing, chances are we have seen it all, and have definitely seen worse. We are passionate about what we do and are here to guide, educate and understand you. 

3. I hate needles and injections

Maybe the thought of having a needle makes your stomach churn, or the fact that it has to be placed in the mouth. A fear of needles is very common, and is something we deal with almost everyday.

Our solution: We routinely use a numbing gel to numb the gums before any injections. The needles that we use are the finest in the market to maximize your comfort. We also guide you through breathing exercises. Failing that, our headphones and Netflix shows can be a welcome distraction. For severe needle phobias, we can offer a range of sedation options as part of your treatment plan.

4. I hate feeling helpless or out of control

On top of feeling vulnerable about your personal space, not being able to see or not knowing what is going on can be anxiety inducing for a lot of people, especially when trying to sit still while sharp instruments are being delicately manoeuvred. This can be due to previous traumatic experiences, generalized anxiety disorders or sometimes there is just no logical explanation for it. Regardless, this fear is very real and distressing for a lot of people. 

Our solution: Our routine protocol is to discuss all your treatment prior to starting, and are always happy to explain what we are doing every step of the way. We are human too and always strive to understand and be sympathetic of our patients, who entrust their care in us. For more severe anxiety, we offer a range of sedation options to maximize your comfort. 

As always, talk to our friendly team about any apprehension and anxieties you may have. We truly believe that there are no questions too silly and no issue too large. We look forward to turning previous negative experiences into a positive, lifelong relationship!