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    Root CanalRoot Canal Treatment

    “I’d rather have root canal”

    The term has become a common saying due to the history of the procedure. With new technologies in treatment this saying is now merely a myth. It is now the ultimate solution to resolve toothache or infection. Rest assured, Root Canal Therapy is now a technological miracle due to the accuracy in flushing out the bad stuff and sealing the tooth off successfully. Be in good hands and call us on 93197244. Modern Root canal treatments aim is to reduce pain and sensitivity felt in a tooth. The pain is due to inflammation of the pulp which houses the nerve of the tooth.

    Root canal is a treatment carried out if infection has travelled into the nerve of the tooth which can lead to severe pain and sensitivity. This can be commonly caused by decay, defective fillings or trauma. 

    Your dentist will carry out a specialized set of procedures to remove the nerve and pulp of the tooth and allow for healing of the infection. Root Canal treatment is a combination of cleaning inside the tooth, as well as medicinal treatments left inside the tooth. This is done to ensure that the tooth is cleaned of small bacteria.

    Success- Saving the tooth with Root Canal Treatment

    With successful treatment the infection will gradually heal and pain becomes a thing of the past. If treatment is not carried out, this can lead to development of the infection and become a large abscess.

    You can prevent the need for root canal treatment if they maintain good oral hygiene and regularly visit the dentist.

    Act early!

    If you do have dental pain, then one of our dentists is more than happy to help in ensuring pain is resolved correctly. Please let us know if you have any fears or concerns as we will be as understanding as possible. Our ethos is to resolve the problem in the most conservative way possible. A Patient would be much better off to aim for settling of the nerve early so that it heals and root canal treatment is avoided. Act early!!

    The team at Surry Hills Dental Centre want to ensure that we continue to create and maintain beautiful smiles. Your oral health is our priority and satisfactiion. Call us today to make your dental appointment.

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