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    “Prevention is better than Cure”

    Preventative Dental Appointment

    Prevention is the key to maintaining optimal dental health and an overall healthier you!

    Attend your preventative routine dental appointment regularly, that way you will have peace of mind. If there are any dental issues they can be detected and treated at an early stage.

    These appointments allow your dentist to screen your mouth from any muscular or joint problems, oral cancer, decay or gum disease. Once we have a comprehensive dental history we are able to spot small changes quickly and therefore act promptly to ensure the disease process doesn’t worsen.

    Failure to address dental problems can lead to much costlier treatment, overall poor health, poor aesthetics and premature aging.

    The team at Surry Hills Dental Centre want to ensure that we continue to create and maintain beautiful smiles. Your oral health is our priority. Call us today to make your preventative dental appointment.


    On average, in the interests of prevention, we advise people to come every 6 months for the checkup and clean. This maintains the health of the gums and prevents the effects of the hardened plaque. Hardened plaque is called Calculus or ‘Scale build up’. If this is left over time it builds up around the gums and between the teeth, and harbours harmful bacteria. The bacteria fill the area stuck to the teeth with acid products which cause tooth decay. The tooth decay starts as pitting- which can be caught early and reversed with fluride treatment. If it looks a bit worse, it is cleaned chemically and sealant is placed to seal up the pits. Have this done proactively to prevent a filling being needed later.

    The Plaque and scale build up also has a harmful effect on the gums. The gums react in an ‘allergic’ reaction to the bacterial products around the gum line. You will notice this as bleeding gums in certain areas occasionally. Prevention is best but If this is an issue it is a clear sign to come in and have your teeth fully cleaned and polished. If left untreated this gum disease causes gum shrinkage and eventually loose or tender teeth.

    After a checkup and clean, it is usually advisable to have the fluoride treatment. This is where re-mineralising fluoride is placed around the teeth and gums to harden the surface and desensitise any areas which may feel exposed since having scale build up removed. Think ‘prevention’ in advance and you wont regret it.

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