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    Periodontal (Gum) Treatment

    “Love the gums you’re with”

    Bleeding when brushing is a sign to have your gums checked by your dentist.

    Your gums are the foundation or your oral health and are required to support your teeth. Good home care and regular dental care will ensure that your gums are healthy and can continue to support your smile.

    If your gums bleed when brushing this could be an indication that you have one of two types of gum disease; gingivitis or periodontitis.

    Gingivitis is the start of gum disease and is caused by bacterial accumulation around your teeth. This leads to your gums becoming inflamed, tender and causes bleeding. If caught early, gingivitis is reversible and can be treated effectively by your dentist.

    Periodontitis is more serious and results from untreated gum disease. This can lead to wobbling of teeth due to lack of support, infection, bleeding and can ultimately be debilitating. It is essential to see your dentist to ensure that it can be controlled. There has been research that links poor gum health to other systemic conditions such as heart disease.

    If you feel that you have any of these symptoms, its best to make an appointment so that we can assess your gum health and carry out treatment to bring your gums back to an optimal state.

    The team at Surry Hills Dental Centre want to ensure that we continue to create and maintain beautiful smiles. Your oral health is our priority. Call us today to make your dental appointment.

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