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    Crown and Bridge Treatments

    “Dental Crowns; restoring teeth since the 7th century”

    Dental crowns are used to restore, protect and support teeth that are unable to support themselves. These restorations are indirect restorations, meaning that they are made at a Dental Laboratory to ensure the highest quality result.

    Crowns are used when a tooth is heavily restored, lacking natural tooth support or if there are cracks present. They are also necessary after root canal treatment to ensure that your investment to save the tooth continues to last for years to come.

    Crown treatment usually occurs over two appointments. The first appointment entails the tooth being reduced to act as a core for the crown. After the preparation has been carried out, dental molds are taken and sent to the laboratory for fabrication. The laboratory uses a range of materials to ensure that the crown you receive is up to the highest standard and follows the principals of support, aesthetics and strength.

    Your second appointment is where you’ll receive your crown which will be bonded to your tooth to ensure longevity. Slight adjustments may be made to ensure that you are satisfied with the crown you’ve received.

    A bridge is similar to a crown in that it supports and strengthens your teeth, however, it is useful in filling in spaces where teeth are missing. They are commonly used when a denture or implant is not a suitable treatment option. A bridge consists of an artificial tooth that is attached to an adjacent tooth or teeth. The treatment process is the same as that of a crown.

    If you have any questions regarding crowns and bridgework, your dentist is more than happy to discuss whether this is a suitable treatment option for you.

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